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Breaking a Mountaineering World Record with the Bremont Supe

Records, like rules, were meant to be broken. Though some fall far more easily than others, they both form a loose framework for what it means to be h ...
31-12-2019 19:37

Eberhard & Co. Adds a Chronograph to the Aquadate Colle

Eberhard & Co., founded in 1887, adopted the chronograph as one of its specialties from very early on. The Swiss firm produced its first wrist-worn ch ...
31-12-2019 19:37

Introducing the Mission Timer One, the Debut Watch from Winf

Mark Miller is a watch lover and former officer in the Navy, and a career spent in far flung locales all over the world serving his country inspire ...
31-12-2019 19:37

Food in Taiwan

Today, I’m taking you on a quick journey, focused on what I was eating during my great holiday in Taiwan. The thing you need to know, when going to ...
31-12-2019 19:37

Recap – 2019 Behind the Lens – Our Best Videos o

Our videos, which we’d prefer to call “in-depth movies”, are something we’re very proud of, here at MONOCHROME. We take a lot of time and ener ...
31-12-2019 19:38

A Year In Flight

It is sometimes mindboggling to realize how fast a year can fly by. Here we are on the threshold of not only a new year but also a new decade. As time ...
31-12-2019 19:37

Barry Skolnick Opens Ikonick Motors With Unveiling Of Apollo

Car collector, entrepreneur and philanthropist Barry Skolnick celebrated the grand opening of his Ikonick Motors and his birthday this past weekend in ...
31-12-2019 19:37

Hands-on – The New Chopard L.U.C Chrono Flyback One

A smaller case, a more contemporary design and a chronometer-certified manufacture movement inside; there?s a lot to like about the new monochromatic ...
30-12-2019 19:46

Haute Time’s Hottest Ladies Watches Of 2019

The time that ladies watches where smaller men\'s watches with diamonds added is long gone. Today they often unite several different crafts into a sin ...
30-12-2019 19:45

Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 Black ZO9276 Watch Hands-On

In the second part of 2019, Zodiac quietly released the first “blacked-out” version of its popular Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 Compression Automatic ...
30-12-2019 19:45

G-SHOCK Full Metal Series Adds Titanium with New GMWB5000TB

First introduced in 2018, G-SHOCK’s Full Metal Series has expanded its range, adding a number of different colorways to match the demands of the Jap ...
30-12-2019 19:46

New Gulfstream G700 Is World’s Largest Private Jet

Gulfstream announced the new G700 as the 2019 edition of the National Business Aviation Association Convention & Exhibition in Las Vegas was set to be ...
30-12-2019 19:45

Albany Watches Pays Tribute to Japanese Diving Tradition wit

Albany Watches is a new brand that has just introduced their first watch, the Ama Diver. Now, it will be no surprise to regular readers that here a ...
30-12-2019 19:45

Review – The Classic Chronoswiss Regulator Manufacture

If a regulator wristwatch comes up in conversation, odds are that Chronoswiss is a part of it. The brand was first to produce a regulator wristwatch i ...
30-12-2019 19:46

Two New Damascus Steel Lab 01 Models Cap Corum?s 2019 Releas

To cap off the year, Corum this month has released two new additions to its Lab 01 collection, which was first unveiled as an experimental series in t ...
29-12-2019 19:48

Ocean Crawler Automatic GMT Watch Powered By Soprod C125

Sponsored Post written for aBlogtoWatch by advertiser Summer 2019 saw the hotly-anticipated reissue of the Ocean Crawler Core Diver, which had been a ...
29-12-2019 19:48

Recap – My Top Watch of 2019, by Every Member of the M

As a Managing Editor, I love to challenge the redaction team at MONOCHROME. So a few weeks ago, I gathered most of our editors and contributors and ca ...
29-12-2019 19:49

2010-2019 Retrospective: aBlogtoWatch’s Most Memorable

It’s been quite a decade here at aBlogtoWatch, as the site has grown from just Ariel Adams blogging to a full-fledged editorial team around the worl ...
29-12-2019 19:48

Hands-on – Grand Seiko Heritage “Autumn” H

I don’t know if you agree, but many people regard Grand Seiko as a very conservative, almost too technical brand. But of all the players that compet ...
28-12-2019 19:47

BEST FROM: aBlogtoWatch & Friends 31 December, 2019

It’s almost the last day of the year — I hope you all had a Merry Christmas! In the last roundup of the year, we have the watches that the editors ...
28-12-2019 19:46

Watches, Stories, and Gear: The NYE Ball Drop, the Cats Deba

“Watches, Stories, and Gear” is a roundup of some of our favorite watch content on Worn & Wound, great stories from around the web, and cool ge ...
28-12-2019 19:46

Six Perpetual Calendar Timepieces That Stood Apart in 2019

As we approach the end of 2019 and prepare for 2020 ? surely destined to be another interesting year in the world of watches ? we take a look back at ...
28-12-2019 19:47

Genus GNS 1.1 RG Watch With ‘Figure-Eight Minutes̵

Genus is a newer Swiss watch brand competing in the $100,000-plus price segment with a visually arresting new dial concept that is encapsulated in the ...
28-12-2019 19:46

New Year, New Decade, New Watches to Covet

In less than a week, we will be welcoming not only a new year but the start of a new decade. As we say goodbye to the 2010s and usher in 2020, there a ...
27-12-2019 19:46

Hands-on – RJ ARRAW Spider-Man Carbon

The turn of the new century has heralded a new era for popular culture: we are living in Hollywood?s comic-book age. Superheroes are getting increasin ...
27-12-2019 19:47

MAT California XL Watch Review

Paris-based MAT watches (“MAT” stands for “mer, air, terre” or “sea, air, and land” in English) is one of my favorite boutique sport watch ...
27-12-2019 19:46

Hands-On: anOrdain Model 2 Fum

Younger brands can have a tough time attempting to carve out their own identity in a crowded marketplace. But Scotland?s anOrdain very quickly esta ...
27-12-2019 19:46

Eight GMT and Dual Time Watches That Wowed Us in 2019

As we approach the end of 2019 and prepare for 2020 ? surely destined to be another interesting year in the world of watches ? we take a look back at ...
27-12-2019 19:46

The Vintage Corner – Abercrombie & Fitch 1950s Tr

Abercrombie & Fitch Co. was not originally the urban teen clothing brand we know today? Named after its founder David T Abercrombie, it was bought and ...
27-12-2019 19:47

UNDONE x Monopoly MONEYMAN Watches By Stephen Bliss Hands-On

UNDONE warned me before they told me about their upcoming collection of Monopoly watches (aBlogtoWatch debut here), saying, “We aren’t sure if the ...
26-12-2019 19:40

Marnaut is Back with the Seascape 200M, a New Diver Inspired

Marnaut has returned with their latest project, currently being funded on Kickster, the Seascape 200M. Like 2018?s Dark Surge 300M, the Seascape is ...
26-12-2019 19:40

10 Noteworthy Tourbillons That Took Our Breath Away in 2019

As we approach the end of 2019 and prepare for 2020 ? surely destined to be another interesting year in the world of watches ? we take a look back at ...
26-12-2019 19:40

WATCHPORN 2019 - Our Best Timepiece Sequences of The Year -

It\'s indeed this time of the year when we come back on some of the most beautiful timepieces we managed to get our hands and eyes on and it\'s always ...
26-12-2019 19:40

In-Depth – Holthinrichs Watches, Dutch Innovation with

This story is slightly different from what you might expect from MONOCHROME. For example, we won?t mention any movement in the first 1,000 words. But ...
26-12-2019 19:41

Recapping 2019: The Worn & Wound Team’s Top Watch

Part of what comes with being as watch-obsessed as we are is selling, buying, and trading watches. With 2019 coming to a close, we thought it?d be ...
26-12-2019 19:40

Haute Time’s Hottest High Complications Of 2019

Few can afford them, but we all love them; the most complicated watches that the watch industry has to offer. For many brands, these watches serve as ...
26-12-2019 19:40

A Technical Perspective – Swatch Group?s Powermatic Mo

Have you ever wondered how Swatch Group brands like Tissot, Certina, Hamilton and Mido can make reliable, robust and accurate mechanical watches of go ...
26-12-2019 19:41

My Omega Trio Collection is Complete

It’s now the time to show you my Omega trio collection, I’ve been working on for a few months. Initially, I thought that choosing watches for my ...
26-12-2019 19:40

Laco Pilot Augsberg Taupe 42 Watch Hands-On

The mandate responsible for the creation of this watch was for Germany-based Laco to develop an attractive, classic pilot watch for under $500. To do ...
25-12-2019 19:42

Eight Significant Pilot’s Watches That Landed in 2019

As we approach the end of 2019 and prepare for 2020 ? surely destined to be another interesting year in the world of watches ? we take a look back at ...
25-12-2019 19:43

Christmas for Chronograph Fans: The A-13A Mechanical Will La

Back in June we brought you a first look at a pretty interesting pilot?s chronograph from A-13A. A mechanical version of their popular quartz model ...
25-12-2019 19:42

Four Watches That Perfectly Complement The Colors Of Christm

When the holidays come around the darkness of the shortened days are not only fought with lights and decorations, but also with a lot of green and red ...
24-12-2019 19:49

Seiko ?Prospex:? The Origin of Today?s Automatic Chronograph

Vertical Clutch and Automatic Winding Three automatic chronograph watches were released in 1969. Without a doubt, the one with the most lasting impact ...
24-12-2019 19:49

Favre-Leuba Releases New 42mm Raider Harpoon Diver Watch

While the brand has flown mostly under the radar for the mainstream audience, Favre-Leuba has one of the longest histories in all of Swiss watchmaking ...
24-12-2019 19:49

Orion Watches Takes to the Skies With Their Latest, the Pilo

Orion Watches is back with their latest release, a followup to the well-liked (and well-named) Calamity dive watch. Their newest release, dubbed th ...
24-12-2019 19:49

10 Notable Dive Watches That Surfaced in 2019

As we approach the end of 2019 and prepare for 2020 ? surely destined to be another interesting year in the world of watches ? we take a look back at ...
24-12-2019 19:49

Kerbedanz Maximus Tourbilllon Watch Review

A few years ago Swiss Kerbedanz debuted the Maximus watch to the world. The Maximus’ main claim to glory is that it boasts the world’s largest tou ...
24-12-2019 19:49

Bringing Back Neil Armstrong’s Personal Watch: the Wol

If you listened to our recent podcast looking back on 2019 (or if you?ve been paying attention to the watch world even a little bit over the last y ...
23-12-2019 19:50

Interview – Giorgia Mondani, on being a Rolex Expert a

Giorgia Mondani was a professional tennis player in her teens, becoming one of the best 400 players in the world by age 18. She left that behind at 19 ...
23-12-2019 19:51

H. Moser & Cie – Heritage Centre Seconds Funky Bl

With elemental links to the H. Moser & Cie. brand, the Heritage Centre Seconds Funky Blue forges a subtle link between past and present, between tradi ...
23-12-2019 19:51

Parmigiani Tonda Chronor Slate; The Latest Edition Of A Cont

Creating a contemporary classic is by no means an easy task, as these words combined are, to begin with, a contradiction. That doesn\'t mean that it c ...
23-12-2019 19:50

Hands-on – Jaeger-LeCoultre Atmos Transparente (and So

The reassuring tick-tock of the table clock has by and large been replaced by more modern contraptions for telling the time. Sadly, table clocks, once ...
23-12-2019 19:51

aBlogtoWatch Editors Share Their Most-Worn Watches Of 2019

It’s been a busy year for the ABTW team. Spread across multiple continents and a half-dozen different time zones, we covered a wider variety of watc ...
23-12-2019 19:50

Seiko Adds Two New Riki Watanabe Inspired Watches to their P

Seiko has announced a new small watch collections in their Presage line, and it?s directly inspired by the life and work of Riki Watanabe, one of t ...
23-12-2019 19:50

Project Orca, A Superyacht Beyond The Seas

Rosetti Superyachts developed Project Orca with Meccano Engineering, who made the engineering, exterior design and overall naval architecture of the s ...
23-12-2019 19:50

10 Important Chronograph Watches Launched in 2019

As we approach the end of 2019 and prepare for 2020 ? surely destined to be another interesting year in the world of watches ? we take a look back at ...
23-12-2019 19:51

Best of 2019 – Our Top 5 Exceptional Watches

As 2019 is coming to an end, we?ve gathered the MONOCHROME redaction team and started to think about the watches that most impressed us this year. Aft ...
22-12-2019 19:47

F.P. Journe ‘Vertical’ Tourbillon Souverain Watc

One of the latest tourbillon-based watches from Geneva-based watchmaker F.P. Journe is also among his most practical (well, at least logical). Officia ...
22-12-2019 19:46

Vintage Eye for the Modern Guy: Timex Q Timex

With 2019 coming to a close, this week we?ll take a look at one of the most popular dark horse releases of the year: the Timex Q Timex. This watch was ...
22-12-2019 19:46

Carl F. Bucherer Debuts Three New Manero Tourbillon Double P

Independent marque Carl F. Bucherer has delivered some truly impressive movements in the past several years, perhaps none more so than the CFB T3000 a ...
22-12-2019 19:46

Around the Web: Bloomberg – Swiss Exports Hit a Low N

Bloomberg is reporting some bleak news from Switzerland. According to the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry, which represents around 500 membe ...
22-12-2019 19:46

The need for speed- Le Mans, Formula 1 to Red Bull Racing,

Le Mans winners get a Rolex, Richard Mille partnered Formula One drivers Kimi Rikknen and Felipe Massa, TAG Heuer supports Red Bull Racing while L ...
21-12-2019 19:38

Introducing – The New, Accessible and Colourful Doxa S

At Baselworld 2019, Doxa arrived with its hands full of novelties, which included totally opposing models. One was the outrageously expensive ($70K) a ...
21-12-2019 19:38

Parmigiani Unveils the World’s First Timepiece with Is

In this feature by our colleague Nitin Nair of WatchTime’s Middle East edition, we explore the recently launched Parmigiani Hjiri Perpetual Calendar ...
21-12-2019 19:38

Outstanding Results for Three Legendary Jaeger-LeCoultre Wat

Fall proved to be a fruitful season for Jaeger-LeCoultre treasures hunters as three extremely rare watches hit the auction block. LUCKY 13 Reference ...
21-12-2019 19:37

The Petrolhead Corner – The Christmas Edition –

In a couple of days from now, most of us will be celebrating Christmas. And this means enjoying family time and good food, which is the occasion for t ...
21-12-2019 19:38

Inside Look: The Eccentric Watches Of Switzerland Boutique I

When planning a new watch purchase, it is all too easy to get lost in tracking design updates, deciphering movement specifications, and evaluating com ...
21-12-2019 19:37

Watches, Stories, and Gear: The Decade in Photographs, a Sma

“Watches, Stories, and Gear” is a roundup of some of our favorite watch content on Worn & Wound, great stories from around the web, and cool ge ...
21-12-2019 19:37

The Vintage Corner – Announcing Our New Vintage Column

For the past 10+ years MONOCHROME has been about new watches and although the focus has pretty much always been on “new” – we always blended in ...
20-12-2019 19:42

Creating a Buzz: The New Breitling Aviator 8 B01 Chronograph

At Breitling?s Los Angeles Summit this past September, the Swiss brand debuted a number of different models (including an all-new Avenger collection) ...
20-12-2019 19:41

?Tis The Season To Be Fancy (With Your Watch)

If there?s one time during the year to get all dressed up, it?s right now. With so many celebrations packed into one month and a slew of party invites ...
20-12-2019 19:41

In-Depth – Carl F. Bucherer, a Peripheral Vision

Some technical solutions “belong” to certain brands. Although Carl F. Bucherer is neither the creator nor the only brand to use peripheral winding ...
20-12-2019 19:42

Junghans Meister Calendar Watch Review

German Junghans is one of those watchmakers with excellent values, a range of quality designs, and a history that collectors tend to appreciate. It ca ...
20-12-2019 19:41

Review: Autodromo Taps ’50s/’60s Era Racing With

When I think about automotive inspired watches, the brand that immediately comes to mind is Autodromo. Yes, there have been great individual watche ...
20-12-2019 19:41

Richard Mille introduces the RM 33-02 Automatic with an ultr

Back in 2011, watchmaker Richard Mille launched the RM 33 timepiece that had a striking ultra-flat, round case measuring 46mm, which was in stark con ...
20-12-2019 19:42

In-Depth – The Intriguing Philosophy of Time that Carv

John van Steen, the managing partner of MeisterSinger, proudly calls their creations ?the most valuable watches in the world?. But the philosophy behi ...
20-12-2019 19:42

Titanium Boldr Venture Watch Built For Extreme Use In The Fi

Sponsored Post written for aBlogtoWatch by advertiser Sleek, stylish, and super-strong, the BOLDR Venture makes a welcome return to the collection for ...
20-12-2019 19:41

The New Lamborghini Lambo V12 Vision Gran Turismo

Look quick or you will miss as the new Lamborghini Lambo V12 Vision Gran Turismo zips past you on the road. READ MORE The post The New Lamborghini Lam ...
19-12-2019 19:41

Itay Noy ReOrder Watch Hands-On

One of the most time-honored (no pun intended) pursuits of timepiece design is to think of innovative ways to display the time. Historically, that tre ...
19-12-2019 19:41

Recapping 2019: Our 10 Favorite Watch Reviews of the Year

2019 was another solid year in watches, and more than a fair share of excellent timepieces made their way across our desks at Worn & Wound HQ this ...
19-12-2019 19:41

Interview – In Conversation with Dan Henry on Collecti

Some stories are more fascinating than others. With most microbrands that are (successfully or not) launching, there?s very often the same pitch; at t ...
19-12-2019 19:41

Hands-on – Chopard Mille Miglia GTS Power Control

As the official partner of the famous Italian Mille Miglia Endurance race for over three decades now, Chopard celebrates its long-standing alliance wi ...
19-12-2019 19:41

Timex Marlin Automatic Burgundy Dial Online Exclusive Watch

Sponsored Post written for aBlogtoWatch by advertiser The Timex Marlin Automatic is the modern interpretation of the rerelease of the 1960’s classic ...
19-12-2019 19:41

Watches, Whiskeys, and Wine: Seven Pairings for the Holidays

As the holidays approach, it’s the perfect time to drink a toast to 2019 and count down to 2020. What better way to do both than by matching up some ...
19-12-2019 19:41

Hip Hop’s Top Watch Connoisseurs And Their Amazing Col

Overcoming adversity is one of the main ingredients that makes hip-hop such a highly popular genre. Many of the leading artists worked their way up fr ...
19-12-2019 19:41

Focus on the Bovet Rcital 26 Brainstorm One

In today\'s video we come back on a very impressive timepiece seen a bit earlier this year, the full sapphire Bovet Rcital 26, knows as the Brainstor ...
19-12-2019 19:41

A Christmas miracle – A $215k Richard Mille wristwatch

Christmas is the most magical time of the year; after all, we have all grown up listening to stories of Christmas miracles! A story has emerged on th ...
19-12-2019 19:41

Archimede Recreates Subtle Vintage Dress Watch Style with th

We?re pretty big fans of Archimede here at Worn & Wound, and we tend to cover their tool watches pretty closely. But if you associate the brand pri ...
19-12-2019 19:41

Industry News – Contrary to Rumors, COMCO Temporarily

This weekend, several major Swiss publications announced that COMCO (the Swiss Competition Commission) was about to announce that ETA, one of the majo ...
19-12-2019 19:41

Women?s Watch Wednesday – Glashtte Original PanoMatic

Moon-phase watches are the most popular and poetic of astronomical complications. Considered more of an aesthetic choice than a complication of any in ...
18-12-2019 19:46

Roue TPS Watches Hands-On

Last year, I was able to review the inaugural release of Roue’s CHR and the Roue SSD. I found both watches to be of surprising quality and value, we ...
18-12-2019 19:45

Atelier Millsime Launches the Monarque Diver with Vaucher M

Atelier Mille?sime was established in 2018 by longtime Singaporean watch collector Benjamin Chee, also the founder of Benjamin Chee Haute Horlogerie. ...
18-12-2019 19:45

What Grand Seiko Teaches Us About Understated Style

Over the years, Grand Seiko has proven that they can make superb sports watches, which have no problem competing with their Swiss counterparts. An adm ...
18-12-2019 19:45

Introducing – Alsta Nautoscaph Superautomatic 1970 Re-

You can definitely count me as a Jaws fan, the 1975 blockbuster that launched the skyrocketing careers of both Steven Spielberg and Richard Dreyfuss. ...
18-12-2019 19:46

When Bikes and Watches Collide (but not literally): the RGM

The RGM Watch Co. is an American watch company based on Pennsylvania and helmed by Roland Murphy, one of the very few watchmakers based in the US w ...
18-12-2019 19:45

Review – A Personal Take on the Bell & Ross BR05

The Luxury Sports Watch… The hottest of the categories these days, the one everybody talks about, the one everybody wants and the one that creates m ...
18-12-2019 19:46

Celebrating Three Decades Of Tool Watch Innovation With The

Sponsored Post written for aBlogtoWatch by advertiser In a world filled with luxury timepieces and horological jewelry, it’s important to remember t ...
18-12-2019 19:45

How Green is My Watch" How Watch Brands Are Embracing S

Sustainability is the topic of the hour. But how committed is the watch industry to ethical and ecological responsibility" We explore several interest ...
18-12-2019 19:45

Shop Announcement: New Staib Mesh Bracelets and Last Chance

We have one last shop addition before the year comes to an end, but before we get to it, some housekeeping. Today, December 18th, is the LAST DAY t ...
18-12-2019 19:45

Parmigiani Hijri Perpetual Calendar Watch Tracks Islamic Lun

Just released is this Parmigiani Hijri Perpetual Calendar watch, the. brand’s  first wristwatch to track the Islamic lunar calendar. I say “wrist ...
17-12-2019 19:42

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News most viewed Today

First Look: Dan Henry 1964 Gran Turismo Collection

First Look: Dan Henry 1964 Gran Turismo Colle...

From the intricately detailed 1939 Chronograph to the 1970 compressor-inspired Diver, Dan Henry watches have gained quite the following with watch-heads. By pulling cues from vintage watches?some iconic and others obscure?Dan Henry has made... -
Introducing – The Fresh And Truly Accessible Depancel Serie-A Allure Chronograph (Live Pics & Price)

Introducing – The Fresh And Truly Acces...

Engaging customers in co-creation can open a world of possibilities for brands. In 2021, Depancel asked their community how they would envisage the perfect chronograph. A year later, after compiling no fewer than over 10,000 feedbacks, Depancel... -
Frederique Constant Slimline Monolithic Defines A New Generation Of Mechanical Watch

Frederique Constant Slimline Monolithic Defin...

The post Frederique Constant Slimline Monolithic Defines A New Generation Of Mechanical Watch appeared first on Worn & Wound. -
Hublot Announces Limited-Edition Big Bang Unico Ledger Watch

Hublot Announces Limited-Edition Big Bang Uni...

For better or worse, cryptocurrency has become a massive part of the modern investment landscape. Proponents of various cryptocurrency systems promote these digital currencies as the money of the future: completely digital, decentralized, and able... -
Introducing The Serica S617 ref. 5303 Dive Watch

Introducing The Serica S617 ref. 5303 Dive Wa...

Among the few watches released last year that still linger with me today is the Serica 4512. A massively charming field watch packaged into a small but confident case strung together with a bonklip bracelet. You might imagine my excitement... -
Interview – Minhoon Yoo, an Indie Watchmaker from South Korea

Interview – Minhoon Yoo, an Indie Watch...

In today’s day and age, the world seems to be getting smaller by the day. We literally can go anywhere we want, and have the world at our fingertips through the internet, smartphones and social media. This gives access to people we otherwise would... -
Sponsored: Swiss Made, Los Angeles Born ? Artel Rotec Debuts with the New V Series

Sponsored: Swiss Made, Los Angeles Born ? Art...

True value in the entry-level luxury space is few and far between? in particular for watches with proprietary movements and interesting designs. That is, of course, unless you?re Artel Rotec, a new Los Angeles founded, Swiss made brand now making... -
How The Echo/Neutra Averau 39 Moonphase Exceeded All My Expectations

How The Echo/Neutra Averau 39 Moonphase Excee...

Let me start by stating the obvious: it’s always exciting to add a new watch to the collection. Regardless of the price, scratching that proverbial “itch” is satisfying. It’s even more exciting when you get a new watch with a feature... -
Hands-On With The New Longines Spirit 42mm Pilot’s Watch

Hands-On With The New Longines Spirit 42mm Pi...

Like most of you, I love a good, well-executed vintage reissue. Longines has been a master at this in recent years (just look at the Heritage Military Marine Nationale released this summer), and it makes complete sense: If you?ve got a historical... -
Longines Refreshes the Legend Diver Collection with New Colors in Two Case Sizes

Longines Refreshes the Legend Diver Collectio...

If there was ever any doubt as to the durable popularity of vintage inspired sports watches and the return of sensibly sized watches that can be worn by anyone, new releases from Longines announced today would seem to put those to rest. In... -

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