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LM Flying T ALLEGRA - smart collaboration between MB&F × BUL

This time MB&F and Bvlgari have collaborated on a reinterpretation of the Flying T, this amazing tourbillon timepiece introduced a couple of years ago ...
24-11-2021 19:42

PRIMETIME - Watchmaking in the News - November 2021

In this edition of PRIMETIME we are coming back on some important events taking place in Geneva such as GPHG celebrating the new timepieces, as well a ...
18-11-2021 19:42

100% Swiss Made Tourbillon For 5000 USD" No way, but y

So I know the title sounds catchy but this is not a hoax! We had the visit of our friend Thomas Baillod who just managed to pull quite an extraordinar ...
05-11-2021 19:43

Microfiber an Important Evolution for Watchmaking

Hello to all, In today\'s report, we will explore something a bit different but still relevant to the watchmaking industry: microfibers. We had the ...
29-10-2021 19:46

Interesting Lots of Ineichen Auction House

Hello to all, I hope you are doing well and the serious fall auction season is about to start here in Geneva reason we will bring you a few videos co ...
27-10-2021 19:45

The Winchester Clock by The Unnamed Society: Golden Boy

Hello to all, In today\'s report, we have something different and original to share with you. You know our love of all thing mechanical and The Unna ...
20-10-2021 20:00

Watches of OnlyWatch 2021

Hello and here we go with our Only Watch video report, that took place in Monaco during the Monaco Yacht Show last month, the Charity auction raising ...
15-10-2021 19:48

EPHJ 2021 - Exhibitors Innovation Grand Prix

Hello to all, In today\'s report, we go back to the EPHJ, the high precision trade fair that was held in Geneva a couple of weeks ago and especially ...
30-09-2021 19:50

Bespoke Vacheron Constantin Les Cabinotiers Westminster Sonn

We had the fantastic privilege of following a few steps of an 8-year long project and are very happy and fortunate to share this video with you today. ...
27-09-2021 19:43

PRIMETIME - Watchmaking in the News - Geneva Watch Days and

Hello to all, In this rich edition of PRIMETIME, we are coming back on the Geneva Watch Days experience as we were extremely happy to host the guests ...
23-09-2021 19:51

Presenting Bovet Timepieces of 2021

Well, we definitely had a very pleasant week with all the Geneva Watch Days activity as well as hosting our small but very friendly 10th-anniversary c ...
08-09-2021 19:42

Why Are Sapphire Cases So Expensive"

After a small but refreshing break here we are with finally a new video marking the opening of a new season of fascinating watch stories! And to mark ...
01-09-2021 19:42

Presenting 3 Timepieces for Only Watch 2021: FP. Journe, H.

Today we have the pleasure of sharing with you three watches we managed to get our hands-on with a super original FP. Journe, a condensed H. Moser and ...
12-08-2021 19:46

Setting The Record Straight With Philippe Dufour

We have a very special video to share with you today as we had the chance of meeting our good friend Philippe Dufour the other day who wanted to set t ...
28-07-2021 19:46

Presenting Another Type Of Prancing Horse...

Instead of talking about our favourite watches, today we have a slightly different program. But stay reassured, we are nevertheless still talking abou ...
22-07-2021 19:42

BCHH - Andersen Geneve - Celestial Voyager World Time

In today?s video report, we visit the workshop of Andersen Genève, not too far from our office here in Geneva, where we meet with Svend Andersen, an i ...
14-07-2021 19:52

PRIMETIME - Watchmaking in the News - July 2021

I hope you are doing great with this nice summer seriously approaching, the reason why we said that we will do a quick edition of PRIMETIME coming bac ...
01-07-2021 19:46

Discovering the Kontwaz Clock by Alain Silberstein & Philipp

In today?s video, we are definitely not talking about a time telling object you can put on your wrist as we just witnessed the first co-creation betwe ...
23-06-2021 19:43

Understanding A Successful Kickstarter Campaign With Furlan

Our video of the day comes back on probably the most successful Kickstarter campaign witnessed over the last few months and we simply wanted to better ...
16-06-2021 19:47

PRIMETIME - Watchmaking in the News - June 2021

It\'s been a little while we didn\'t publish a PRIMETIME, but it\'s for a very good reason I hope I will be able to disclose this in the near future. ...
10-06-2021 19:40

More New Audemars Piguet Watches of 2021

We are happy to share with you an extended interview with Michael Friedmann, Head of Complications of AP, with whom we will go over the main new timep ...
02-06-2021 19:49

Automatic Tourbillon Split-Second Chronograph U30 by Angelus

Hello to all, The timepiece of the day for sure has some pretty sweet features to it and to make it simple if we can say so this is an automatic tour ...
27-05-2021 19:45

Hermès H08: An Inspired Sporty Collection

In the video of the day, we come back on the recent launch of a new collection by Hermès called H08. This is a sporty line though there are no chronog ...
19-05-2021 19:59

Want to Produce Your Own Watch"

For all of those dreaming of producing your own watch, well we have a very interesting solution to share with you today. You have probably heard about ...
12-05-2021 19:55

L.U.C Quattro Spirit 25 & The Chopard Manufacture Behind It

In today?s video, not only will we talk about a new timepiece in the L.U.C collection of Chopard, the Quattro Spirit 25, but also come back on the man ...
06-05-2021 19:47

New GMT Sport by Greubel Forsey

Hello to all, Greubel Forsey is for sure expanding on a territory we wouldn?t have really expected them only a few years ago with the GMT Sport. Well ...
30-04-2021 19:53

3D Moon Phase With The Luna Magna by Arnold & Son

Naturally, we are always in for some originality and the Luna Magna for sure exemplifies this nicely thanks to its oversize 3D moon standing at 6 o\'c ...
22-04-2021 19:44

Debating Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept Black Panther

Going by all the frenzy this new watch has triggered on social media, I must say that we are really looking forward to having your thoughts on it and ...
19-04-2021 19:48

FB RS Regulateur Squelette by Ferdinand Berthoud

In today?s video we come back on the FB RS by Ferdinand Berthoud, a new timepiece with a much more modern and sportier feel with its open worked dial ...
15-04-2021 19:53

Behind the American 1921 by Vacheron Constantin

This timepiece really has a unique feel and touch to it thanks to its gallet shaped case and what to say about having the dial and crown twisted by 45 ...
09-04-2021 19:46

Time Capsule by Valentin Remontet

And we continue with something different as we had the visit of our good friend Valentin Remontet coming now with his second new timepiece called Time ...
02-04-2021 19:38

Introducing the LMX by MB&F, an LM1 on Steroid!

10 years ago MB&F introduced the LM1, the first model of what would become the second leg of the brand with their Legacy Machine line, a collection pa ...
25-03-2021 19:43

Unboxing The Mika Hakkinen Challenge by Artisans de Genève

Our very first Unboxing of the year with a special timepiece that unfortunately you will not be able to buy since this one belongs to racing legend Mi ...
18-03-2021 20:01

PRIMETIME - Watchmaking in the News - March 2021

This new and almost unexpected edition of PRIMETIME follows the comment made by one of our good patrons regarding the recent announcement of the filin ...
11-03-2021 19:40

Behind the Deep Space Resonance by Vianney Halter

We are extremely pleased to share today with you one of these amazing timekeeping machine that you see only once in while, pushing the limits in every ...
03-03-2021 19:39

GMT Quadruple Tourbillon & Balancier Contemporain by Greubel

Hello to all, Greubel Forsey is launching a new version of their very spectacular GMT Quadruple Tourbillon coming now in a lighter titanium case and ...
25-02-2021 19:40

PRIMETIME - Watchmaking in the News - February 2021

And off we go with our first PRIMETIME of the year and we have a lot of things to share with you as 2021 has started strong for our independent friend ...
19-02-2021 19:39

Opera Godfather Minute Repeater Tourbillon by Jacob & Co

We already knew that the Opera line by Jacob & Co was quite exuberant with this mix of music boxes and horology, but it has now been taken a bit furth ...
11-02-2021 19:38

Swiss Alp Watch Final Upgrade & Endeavour Minute Repeater To

Hello to all, The Swiss Alp Watch initially launched by H. Moser back in 2016 is living its last few days with this final version just released appro ...
04-02-2021 19:38

Introducing the Spectacular HM9 Sapphire Vision by MB&F

Hello to all, The HM9 introduced in 2018 was inspired by the auto and aero design of the late 1940s and 50s and now MB&F continues its evolution with ...
27-01-2021 19:44

De Bethune Kind of Two: A Smart Two-Sided Tourbillon

Hello to all, We have a really super cool watch to present to you today with the new De Bethune DB Kind of Two Tourbillon. This a dual-sided watch an ...
20-01-2021 19:50

Introducing The Phoenix Collaboration

Hello to all, I?m happy that on these times, we still have some very interesting and meaningful projects to share with you. One of them is called the ...
13-01-2021 19:39

Maurice Lacroix & The Pontos Collection

The brand from Saignelégier in the Jura mountains introduced some 20 years ago the Pontos collection with the aim of presenting an affordable elegant ...
08-01-2021 19:32

VIVA WATCHMAKING 2020 - Part 3 of 3

Part 3 of our WATCHPORN video of 2020 with another pretty sexy menu with the following watches we got to shoot this year: 0:06 Patek Philippe WORLD T ...
03-01-2021 19:35

VIVA WATCHMAKING 2020 - Part 2 of 3

And now for our second timepiece medley of 2020, mixing new watches of the year and some vintage ones. Here\'s the menu of the day: 0:06 Greubel Fors ...
01-01-2021 19:34

VIVA WATCHMAKING 2020 - Part 1 of 3

And of we go for the first part of our WATCHPORN compilation with some of our best shots of the year and despite being such a special one, well we are ...
30-12-2020 19:34

PRIMETIME - Watchmaking in the News - December 2020

Hello to all, This is year is ?finally? coming to an end and we keep our fingers crossed that 2021 won?t be a full repeat of 2020. It might well star ...
22-12-2020 19:34

The Visit of 5 Jacob & Co Tourbillon Watches

Hello to all, We are gently nearing the end of what has been quite a very special year and therefore we have something rather extravagant to share wi ...
15-12-2020 19:36

Reasonably Priced Watch Selection

Hello to all, For once we have decided to talk about reasonably priced watches and the selection we made is totally subjective! Nevertheless, these ...
09-12-2020 19:35

Walkthrough Audemars Piguet Stunning New Musée Atelier

Hello to all, Today we are publishing our AP Musée Atelier Walkthrough video. We had a great pleasure making it and we hope you will have even more p ...
02-12-2020 19:37

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Introducing – Romain Gauthier Launches its First Sports Watch, The Continuum

Introducing – Romain Gauthier Launches ...

Watches created by independent watchmaker Romain Gauthier stand out by a couple of things, one of which is the high level of detail in its finishing. Considered a master of the trade, Romain Gauthier and his team spent hours and hours finely... -
Watch Review: HAIM Legacy Chronograph

Watch Review: HAIM Legacy Chronograph

You can imagine my surprise when I found out that the HAIM watch I was being offered to review had nothing to do with the all-woman rock and roll band from a few years back. In all seriousness, though, HAIM is a new brand to me and a new one to the... -
Hands-On With The Christopher Ward Super Compressor

Hands-On With The Christopher Ward Super Comp...

The team at Christopher Ward knows how to surprise us. The brand’s latest model, the C65 Super Compressor has a lot of attention traps that you can fall into. A bit of sentiment for cult dive watch fans, re-discovered innovation, an unusual shape,... -
The New Forstner President (1450) Bracelet Will Thrill Fans Of The Omega Speedmaster Classic

The New Forstner President (1450) Bracelet Wi...

It’s been a long time coming but in the best of ways. I first saw the prototype for this bracelet more than six months ago and it got me pretty excited. Why" Because it looked to me to be a perfect reproduction of the bracelet many of us Speedy... -
Introducing – Blancpain Villeret Extraplate Boutique Edition, Now With Green Dial

Introducing – Blancpain Villeret Extrap...

The Villeret collection unites Blancpain’s most classic and elegant watches. Named after the village where the brand was born, it is an ode to classism and traditions, with discreet watches equipped or not with complications – this collection... -
Introducing Two New Vintage Inspired Seikos Celebrating Their Rich Chronograph History (Refs. SRQ029 and SRQ031)

Introducing Two New Vintage Inspired Seikos C...

To mark the dual anniversaries of Seiko?s first ever chronograph and their first ever automatic chronograph, the brand is releasing two new limited editions in two of their marquee lines: Prospex and Presage. The late 1960s, as watch... -
Aquanauts Assemble: Patek Philippe Expands its Sportiest Collection with Aquanaut Chronographs in White Gold

Aquanauts Assemble: Patek Philippe Expands it...

Patek Philippe added the first chronograph-equipped model in its sport-luxury Aquanaut family in 2018, delivering it in a steel case, a gradient black textured dial, and a choice of robust rubber straps. This year, the manufacture adds more color... -
Oris Announces New Manufacture Calibre 400 Automatic Watch Movement

Oris Announces New Manufacture Calibre 400 Au...

The entry level luxury segment is one of the most fiercely competitive segments in the current watch market. While brands like Oris have continually raised the bar for timepieces in this price range in recent years, one of the great challenges for... -
Women?s Watch Wednesday – Patek Philippe Chrono 7150/250R – A True PP Chronograph To Conquer Women?s Hearts

Women?s Watch Wednesday – Patek Philipp...

Patek Philippe has a flair for making complications look beautiful, on every level. With almost 180-years? experience under its belt, the brand?s talent for ensuring that the exterior of the watch is as beautiful as its interior is legendary. The... -

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