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Me, Myself and My Watches with Collector Ali Nael

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We have a really nice interview to share with you as we had our friend Ali Nael who dropped by the club the other day to talk about his journey as a collector and how it came into being. From a modest upbringing in Lebanon, Ali left the country to help his family and it took him on a full life journey. From China, Africa and finally Singapour, he learned things the hard way before starting to focus his interest on watches. But he acquired his knowledge one step at a time, spending weeks and months studying things, and meeting people and when you consider what a prominent collector he has become, it is really interesting and inspiring to listen to how his hobby turned out into a total passion. One he is fully dedicated and though he only had a very few pieces of his collection with him, he explained to us more about his collection and the book the Covid period allowed him to focus on. I hope you will enjoy this one and the very best to you, Marc André & Team PS: of course a huge Viva Watchmaking your way ;) Visit our website: Support us on Patreon for extra interactions and goodies:

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Introducing the Régulateur ŕ Détente by Raúl Pagčs

We are extremely happy to bring to you yet another very talented young watchmaker in the name of Raúl Pagčs who has been working on his very first mov ...
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Protect Your Wristwatch From Being Stolen

In today report, we talk innovative watch accessories with the two guys behind a cool new project. After having his watch nearly stolen, twice, the F ...
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100 Years Old Watchmaker Who Met Wilsdorf; Mr Georges Dubois

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Continuum Titanium Edition by Romain Gauthier

And just slightly before Xmas here we are with the new timepiece recently introduced by Romain Gauthier, and we didn\'t have to go further than watchm ...
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Maurice Lacroix Manufacture Grande Date & New Way of Working

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The Rolls of Watchmaking Toolbox by Petitpierre: Coffret Tra

With the holiday season approaching and sometimes our tendency of indulging ourselves during this period, I thought that I had to share with you somet ...
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Celestial Infinity Clock by MOM & BCHH

In today?s video, we went on a road trip down to Milano to visit Meccaniche Orologi Milano (MOM) and meet with watchmaker Alessandro Rigotto, to talk ...
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LM Flying T ALLEGRA - smart collaboration between MB&F × BUL

This time MB&F and Bvlgari have collaborated on a reinterpretation of the Flying T, this amazing tourbillon timepiece introduced a couple of years ago ...
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PRIMETIME - Watchmaking in the News - November 2021

In this edition of PRIMETIME we are coming back on some important events taking place in Geneva such as GPHG celebrating the new timepieces, as well a ...
18-11-2021 19:42

100% Swiss Made Tourbillon For 5000 USD" No way, but y

So I know the title sounds catchy but this is not a hoax! We had the visit of our friend Thomas Baillod who just managed to pull quite an extraordinar ...
05-11-2021 19:43

Microfiber an Important Evolution for Watchmaking

Hello to all, In today\'s report, we will explore something a bit different but still relevant to the watchmaking industry: microfibers. We had the ...
29-10-2021 19:46

Interesting Lots of Ineichen Auction House

Hello to all, I hope you are doing well and the serious fall auction season is about to start here in Geneva reason we will bring you a few videos co ...
27-10-2021 19:45

The Winchester Clock by The Unnamed Society: Golden Boy

Hello to all, In today\'s report, we have something different and original to share with you. You know our love of all thing mechanical and The Unna ...
20-10-2021 20:00

Watches of OnlyWatch 2021

Hello and here we go with our Only Watch video report, that took place in Monaco during the Monaco Yacht Show last month, the Charity auction raising ...
15-10-2021 19:48

EPHJ 2021 - Exhibitors Innovation Grand Prix

Hello to all, In today\'s report, we go back to the EPHJ, the high precision trade fair that was held in Geneva a couple of weeks ago and especially ...
30-09-2021 19:50

Bespoke Vacheron Constantin Les Cabinotiers Westminster Sonn

We had the fantastic privilege of following a few steps of an 8-year long project and are very happy and fortunate to share this video with you today. ...
27-09-2021 19:43

PRIMETIME - Watchmaking in the News - Geneva Watch Days and

Hello to all, In this rich edition of PRIMETIME, we are coming back on the Geneva Watch Days experience as we were extremely happy to host the guests ...
23-09-2021 19:51

Presenting Bovet Timepieces of 2021

Well, we definitely had a very pleasant week with all the Geneva Watch Days activity as well as hosting our small but very friendly 10th-anniversary c ...
08-09-2021 19:42

Why Are Sapphire Cases So Expensive"

After a small but refreshing break here we are with finally a new video marking the opening of a new season of fascinating watch stories! And to mark ...
01-09-2021 19:42

Presenting 3 Timepieces for Only Watch 2021: FP. Journe, H.

Today we have the pleasure of sharing with you three watches we managed to get our hands-on with a super original FP. Journe, a condensed H. Moser and ...
12-08-2021 19:46

Setting The Record Straight With Philippe Dufour

We have a very special video to share with you today as we had the chance of meeting our good friend Philippe Dufour the other day who wanted to set t ...
28-07-2021 19:46

Presenting Another Type Of Prancing Horse...

Instead of talking about our favourite watches, today we have a slightly different program. But stay reassured, we are nevertheless still talking abou ...
22-07-2021 19:42

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